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A collection of nixosModules and image builders we use to test, distribute and develop clan.lol
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Clan Core Repository

Welcome to the Clan Core Repository, the heart of the clan.lol project! This monorepo is the foundation of Clan, a revolutionary open-source project aimed at restoring fun, freedom, and functionality to computing. Here, you'll find all the essential packages, NixOS modules, CLI tools, and tests needed to contribute to and work with the Clan project. Clan leverages the Nix system to ensure reliability, security, and seamless management of digital environments, putting the power back into the hands of users.

Why Clan?

Our mission is simple: to democratize computing by providing tools that empower users, foster innovation, and challenge outdated paradigms. Clan represents our contribution to a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around. By participating in Clan, you're joining a movement dedicated to creating a secure, user-empowered digital future.

Features of Clan

  • Full-Stack System Deployment: Utilize Clans toolkit alongside Nix's reliability to build and manage systems effortlessly.
  • Overlay Networks: Secure, private communication channels between devices.
  • Virtual Machine Integration: Seamless operation of VM applications within the main operating system.
  • Robust Backup Management: Long-term, self-hosted data preservation.
  • Intuitive Secret Management: Simplified encryption and password management processes.

Getting Started with Clan

If you're new to Clan and eager to dive in, start with our quickstart guide and explore the core functionalities that Clan offers:

  • Quickstart Guide: Check out getting started to get up and running with Clan in no time.

Managing Secrets

In the Clan ecosystem, security is paramount. Learn how to handle secrets effectively:

  • Secrets Management: Securely manage secrets by consulting secrets.

Contributing to Clan

The Clan project thrives on community contributions. We welcome everyone to contribute and collaborate:

  • Contribution Guidelines: Make a meaningful impact by following the steps in contributing.

Join the Revolution

Clan is more than a tool; it's a movement towards a better digital future. By contributing to the Clan project, you're part of changing technology for the better, together.

Community and Support

Connect with us and the Clan community for support and discussion:

  • Matrix channel for live discussions.
  • IRC bridges (coming soon) for real-time chat support.