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@ -52,39 +52,6 @@ Let's get your development environment up and running:
- Execute `direnv allow` to automatically execute the shell script `.envrc` when entering the directory.
6. **Build the Backend**:
- Go to the `pkgs/clan-cli` directory and execute:
direnv allow
- Wait for the backend to build.
7. **Start the Backend Server**:
- To start the backend server, execute:
clan webui --reload --no-open --log-level debug
- The server will automatically restart if any Python files change.
8. **Build the Frontend**:
- In a different shell, navigate to the `pkgs/ui` directory and execute:
direnv allow
- Wait for the frontend to build.
NOTE: If you have the error "@clan/colors.json" you executed `npm install`, please do not do that. `direnv reload` will handle dependency management. Please delete node_modules with `rm -rf node_modules`.
9. **Start the Frontend**:
- To start the frontend, execute:
npm run dev
- Access the website by going to [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000).
# Setting Up Your Git Workflow
Let's set up your Git workflow to collaborate effectively:
@ -211,7 +178,3 @@ To make the most of this template:
- Also, set the default merge style to "Rebase then create merge commit."
With this template, you're well-equipped to build and collaborate on high-quality websites efficiently. Happy coding!.
# API guidelines
see [./api-guidelines](./api-guidelines)